Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just for Ragsta (and everyone else)!

One of my readers, Ragsta, asked for a group shot of my East Gemans. Ask and ye shall receive. I apologize that everything is so small, but there's so much of it I had to get a long distance away to get any decent shot. Thank you to Mrs. History PhD for allowing me to commandeer the kitchen table and clear all the shi... umm... valuable things off of it. 
My goal is an armored regiment and a motor rifle regiment, both with all the appropriate support units. Still a way to go. 

In the foreground is a panzer heavy reconnaissance battalion. In the center is a T-55 battalion from an armored unit. The background on the left is about half of a T-72 battalion for an armored unit and on the right is just one company of a tracked (BMP-1) motor rifle battalion to go with the armored regiment. 

The foreground is a battalion of the 20th Motor Rifle Division mounted in BTR-152's. Behind it are the appropriate support platoons. In the rear on the left is a spare company of BTR-40's, so I can swap them out with one of the other companies. And rear right is an armored support company of T-34/85M's. 

The foreground is a first-line wheeled motor rifle battalion in BTR-60PB's and immediately behind it are its support platoons. Then there is a large gap where there should be a second battalion with support platoons, which I have yet to begin. And in the far rear, is a battalion T-55's configured for a motor rifle regiment. 

Next are anti-aircraft units, both self-propelled guns and self-propelled missile launchers. 

Then divisional radar assets in the foreground and a towed 152mm artillery battery in the background. 

Two 100mm antitank gun companies, as well as an antitank missile vehicle company, which all go together to make a panzerjäger battalion. 

Along the side are some alternate, tracked prime movers, in case I need to attach the panzerjägers to an armored unit instead of a motor rifle unit. 

And the artillery. From left to right, a towed 122mm battery, a self-propelled 2S1 battery, and a self-propelled 2S3 battery. Two other towed batteries are still in the works.  

And finally the rocket artillery. Left to right, BM14-16's, Grads, and Uragans. And in the background, Frog-7's and Scud B's. 

Whew!! A lot of stuff, but a fair little bit yet to be completed and then some Poles and Soviets to do. Oh, and this doesn't include my East German Air Force. And then on top of everything else, I still have quite a way to go with my Danes and West Germans. Lord!!

Ok, now I have to put it all away before Mrs. History PhD wants to start making dinner. More next time!


  1. Thank you for the cool group shots and breakdown! I have a soft spot for Cold War Sovs and these forces here are very good indeed. I also appreciate the background info in your posts when you roll out units, very interesting stuff. Ragsta

  2. My pleasure! I'm slowly coming to the end of my East Germans, so soon(ish) I'll be moving on to some Soviets and Poles