Sunday, April 26, 2015

She's really cranking them out!!

During the recent research my wife did in order to paint a South Vietnamese M8 Greyhound ("Mrs. History PhD strikes again!" - April 13, 2015), she came across an article that described several ARVN M113A1's that had been locally modified by adding turrets to them taken from non-operational M8's. She (and I) found this intriguing, though no amount of Googling since then has managed to turn up a period image. Undaunted, my wife has forged ahead and I have provided the necessary bits and pieces for her very first kit-bashing!! 

M113A1's in South Vietnam, were they ARVN, US, or Australian, generally had the flat, rectangular trim vane (really just a breakwater) that you normally associate with the M113:
But not all did. Others had a modified vane that was supposed to cause less buffeting of the vehicle as it swam and provide additional flotation:
That being the case, I had just the item lying about. The unused hull of a GHQ M163 Vulcan with the modified vane. This had the added advantage of having a turret ring already cast onto it. 

So here is Mrs. History PhD's offering:

She's really taken to the "severely grubby" look that I prefer. If you've never spent time around military vehicles that have been in the field for more than an hour or two, take my word for it, you really cannot overdo the muckiness. I bought the wife a bottle of Mig Productions Vietnam Earth pigment powder:
which I have never used before, but I must say that I'm very impressed with it! If she keeps on like this, she'll bring back my "Vietnam fever"!

That's the weekend done, so more next time!

Friday, April 24, 2015

"Marcin, are you listening?", The Sequel

About ten months ago (June 17, 2014), I wrote a post entitled "Marcin, are you listening?" in which I laid out my fondest wishes for 1/600 scale minis that I would like to see Oddizal Osmy (aka O8) produce. In the intervening months, Marcin has actually put out a number of them. I wish I could say it was because my post gave him an indication of what his customers were hoping for, but no doubt it was just coincidence. 

So, it seems a good time to update my list. Those items that have been produced, I've removed and replaced with a few new ones, but the bulk of the list remains the same. I'll try to do this at least once every year. 

And without further ado and in no particular order, here is my new wish list:
1) M60A1:
The xenon searchlight sets it apart from the M60A3. 

2) Aero L-39 Albatros:
A widely used WarPac advanced trainer and light strike aircraft. 

3) DAF-328:
It's impossible to have a proper 1980s Dutch force without it. 

4) PKP trailer:
It's the amphibious trailer that PTS-M's are generally seen towing. We already have Marcin's PTS-M, so the PKP is only logical. 

5) M113 C&R 25:
A Dutch reconnaissance vehicle widely used in conjunction with the .50 caliber version, which Marcin already makes:
6) 2S7 Pion 208mm self-propelled howitzer:
Used by the Soviets, Czechs, and Poles. 

7) YPR-765 PRAT:
The ATGM version of the Dutch AIFV.

8) Alouette II:
The Belgian Army's recon and liaison helicopter. 

9) S-60 57mm antiaircraft gun:
And the associated Fire Can radar:
Both supplied by the Soviets to most every communist country in the world. 

10) Roland SPAA:
Impossible to have a 70s/80s West German force without it. 

11) Tatra 813 8x8 truck:
Heavily used by the Czechs, East Germans, Hungarians, and Poles.

12) AT-L light prime mover:
Used throughout the WarPac. The smaller cousin of the AT-T. 

13) Green Archer counter-battery radar:
(Sorry, photos of the real thing are scarce). Used by many European NATO nations. Marcin makes WarPac radars, so why none for NATO?

14) M108 105mm SP howitzer:
Used in large numbers by the Belgians into the early-mid 80s and the U.S. in Vietnam. 

Not yet fully replaced by the LARS II in the early 80s. 

16) Fiat G-91R Gina:
Ground attack version of the Italian-built fighter used by much of NATO in the 70s and early 80s.

17) Cymbeline counter-battery radar:
Based on the FV-432 and used by the British, Dutch, and Belgians. 

18) M114 towed 155mm howitzer:
Used by most NATO nations, as well as Japan, South Korea, South Vietnam, and a multitude of others during WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War.  

19) M75 APC:
Used in large numbers by the Belgians into the early 1980s. 

20) M54 five ton truck:
Used by too many nations to list. 

21) SA-4 Ganef:
And the associated radar; Long Track:
See more about the radar units in item #25, below. A reload truck would be nice too, but that's pushing it too far:

22) I-Hawk missile:
Used heavily by NATO, Israel, Japan, South Korea. It came in self-propelled and towed versions. I would choose SP if I can have it only one way. Marcin makes WarPac medium range AA missiles, so why none for NATO?

23) The Lance missile:
Also widely used by NATO and comparable missiles for the WarPac are in Marcin's inventory, but none for NATO. 

24) A Pershing I missile:
Marcin makes a Scud for the WarPac, so NATO ought to have an medium range battlefield missile too. 

25) A WarPac radar pack. The SA-6 and SA-8 that Marcin already makes, as well as the SA-4 I'm hoping for, all require more radar than Marcin has provided. An add-on pack with Thin Skin:
And Pat Hand:
would be highly useful. Side Net would be a very desirable addition to this pack:
as would be Flat Face:

26) The L118 light 105mm howitzer:
British-built and used by much of NATO during the 70s and 80s. 

O8 makes quite a bit of WarPac engineering equipment, but virtually none for NATO. So,

27) A Skorpion minelayer:
A must for your West Germans.

28) Pioneerpanzer Dachs:
As well as:

29) Biber AVLB:

30) The British FV-180 Combat Engineering Tractor:

31) I'd also like to see a Soviet ATS-59G artillery tractor, also known simply as an AT-S:

And finally, my only non-modern wish:

32) Skirmishers in a bicorne:
O8's Napoleonic line includes infantry in shakos and in crested helmets and there are skirmisher packs for each. There is also infantry in a bicorne, yet no skirmishers. These would work for early Prussians, Saxons, Spanish, French pre-1806/07, and a number of others. Marcin, my 1806 Saxons and Prussians need a screen of skirmishers and jägers.

As with my last post on this subject, this is in no way a scientific poll. I'm sure it does reflect the wishes of far more wargamers than only myself, but in the end, it's my "Pleeeeeeeese Marcin!!!" list.
I'd be very glad to hear any agreements with my list and I hope you will tell me any additions you would add to this.