Sunday, January 5, 2014

A new year, so let's take stock.

Being as it's a new year, it seems a good time to stop and look over what I'm doing, what I've done, and what I've still got to do. No "resolution" really, just a look at the state my hobby is in at the beginning of 2014 and maybe a bit of where I'd like to be for New Year 2015. 

Looking over the big bookcase where I keep most of my projects that are "in the process", there are three scales: 3mm, 6mm, and 1/2400. So, let's take them in turn. 

1/2400: I have over 700 WWII ships. Most all are assembled and primed, but very very few are painted. In 2013, this previously all-consuming project was pushed to the back of the pile and more or less off the pile. I've done virtually nothing with it over the past year and don't really feel any desire to get back to it, so it will sit and gather dust awaiting the time that my interest in it flares up again. Honestly, I need to sell them off, but I don't know anyone into 1/2400 and these things are far too fragile to try to ship. 

6mm: This scale has a number of different sub-projects, all of which have suffered from being semi-ignored this past year. 

Napoleonics: Another previously "all consuming" interest that has fallen off the radar. A large bag of unpainted lead and a number of completed battalions for the 1806 Prussian campaign stare forlornly at me from the back of a shelf, but like 1/2400, I feel no urgency to accomplish anything with them. Another thing I ought to sell, but again, fragility intervenes. 

Vietnam: This was a hot project in 2012 and early 2013, but in the second half of of the year, it slowed considerably. I'd like to find more time and interest for this in 2014. Quite a lot of vehicles, riverine craft, and infantry to get through. I bought the really excellent Charlie Don't Surf rules from Too Fat Lardies and I'd really like to try them out. 

Cold War 1981: The beginning of 2013 saw this interest wax and then wane, mostly because I duplicated it in 3mm. I've done very little with it for the last 6 months. 

Terrain: After producing quite a large amount of 6mm terrain for Western Europe suitable for 19th and 20th Centuries, as well as a whole lot of Vietnam terrain, I had to admit to myself that I really don't like GHQ's Terrain Maker. The versatility of the system is a fantastic idea, but the material they use and their quality control are really sub-standard. So, I called a halt and have yet to find anything to replace it. So this hangs in limbo for the moment. I also continue slow progress on 6mm buildings for Vietnam and Germany. Another "I ought to sell".

3mm: This became my new passion in 2013 and I foresee it continuing to be so in 2014. I began by trying to "downscale" my 6mm Vietnam project. After a short time, 3mm Vietnam got sidetracked by 3mm Cold War and WWII Western Desert. These continue to be what I devote 90% of my attention to. However, I'd like to add 1940 Battle of France, 1981 Cold War Greece & Turkey v Bulgaria & Romania, and American Civil War at some point. I also need to begin working more on 3mm terrain. Western Desert terrain is easy, undulating featureless sand barrens, but I need to do something about terrain for Cold War Germany. 

As always, my proliferation of interests has dramatically outstripped my available hobby funds, so everything moves much more slowly than I'd prefer and purchases have to be in penny packets. Minis, paints, bases, brushes, occassional tools, terrain supplies, etc, etc, etc. I have a year's worth of pre-planned Picoarmor purchases written down, but some how, a more urgent need always jumps the queue. 

After reading over the above, I'm certain that I have hobby ADD. Well, I'm too old to get treatment. By now, the infection has gone clear to the bone. As always, I welcome your observations, comments, or general commiserations. 


  1. Thanks, ordered my first 3mm today, thanks to your supporting posts. Norm

  2. Let me know how you like them. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.