Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some goodies for my Danes!!

No, not THE Goodies (though they were damned funny)!!

Today I got a small shipment from Picoarmor and apart from more BRDM-2's for my East German scout car company, I also received some TOW launchers with crews and Land Rover 109's. The Danes equipped each mechanized infantry battalion with four M150 TOW vehicles (a TOW launcher mounted on top of an M113) and four "man portable" TOW launchers on tripods, with four Land Rovers as transport. Each motorized infantry battalion had four TOWs and Land Rovers and four M150's and each armored battalion had six M150's. I say "man portable" because they were, but only in theory. The whole set up was heavy as hell and you needed several very big, beefy guys to "port" it!!

I just had to show you these little gems. They come cast in two sections to each piece, the launcher and then the two man crew. Here's one with all the casting vents clipped off:
All that's necessary is to separate the crew and reposition them with the gunner looking into the sight. The assistant gunner stays behind him with the reload:
That's them glued to a base and ready for priming. 

The Land Rovers really are tiny and as such, a bit of a pain to paint, but they are such great sculpts:
That's one perched on the tip of my finger!!

When all's said and done, each stand will look something like this:
Needless to say it'll look a lot better with flocking, bushes, and assorted ground cover. 

I just thought these little things were so great that I had to show them to you before I even start painting them!!

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