Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tying up loose ends

The bulk of my weekend has been spent trying to finish off units that lacked a stand or two. Trying to get my battalions that much closer to finished. 

My Danish mechanized infantry battalion gained one of the two pairs of M125 81mm mortar carriers that have been long-awaited:
Still another stand yet to go.

I also finished off the URAL 375D's that my East German 100mm anti-tank guns have been needing:
And just for fun, here's the real thing:

I've also done a micro-conversion and filed the gun barrel off of a BRM and changed it to a PRP-3, also known as a BMP-SON. Gluing a tiny bit of casting vent to the back of the turret represents the Small Fred radar:
And the real one:

That winds up the painting stage of the weekend. More next time!

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