Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A shipment of GHQ stuff arrived!!

Today, the mailman brought me a box, bless his heart!! It was from Snyder & Short and was chock-full of goodies from GHQ. I buy all my GHQ stuff through Snyder & Short, as they give a significant discount on everything. Also, Randy Short is a joy to deal with as well as being a font of knowledge on all things WWII naval and Vietnam (he was there during the war). 

So here's what arrived. It's mostly geared toward Vietnam, with just a few items for Europe. Firstly, three recoilless rifles with two sandbagged positions:
A Vietnamese hooch on stilts, which will become part of a fishing village: 
Also a three bay townhouse with a peaked roof for northwest Europe:

Vehicles make up the rest of the order. Australian M113 FSV's that served in Vietnam and some modern Land Rover Defender 90's:
A pack of soft-topped US deuce-and-a-half trucks. Technically they're WWII vehicles, but they work perfectly well for Vietnam. Also a pack of NVA heavy weapons:
And lastly, a pack of two UH-1B Huey Hog gunships with a choice of two weapons combinations. Also a pack of two South Vietnamese river patrol boats:

I also picked up four more Bunker Boxes. You can never have too many vehicle storage boxes. So that was the haul. 

When I look at the alarming size of my lead pile, I know how Edmund Hillary felt looking up at Everest. I hope I'm as successful in getting to the top!! I'll let you know in 70 or 80 years. More from me over the weekend!

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