Sunday, August 3, 2014

An East German Hind D

I bought four Mi-24 Hind D's from Picoarmor and this weekend I've been wiling away my time by working on my first East German gunship, so here's what I'm trying to replicate, East German Hind D's:
And here's a Polish one:

After looking at quite a lot of images of Hinds on the Internet, I find that the undersides of many are painted a garish, almost electric blue (like the above Polish one), which I decidedly dislike the look of. However, many others are painted a pale greyish blue, which looks much better (to me anyway). Of a number of East German paint schemes that I looked at, I like this one (from Wings Palette) the best:

So, with that in mind, here's my rendition:
Tough to get a decent photo of the little bugger! I still need to glue some bushes here and there on the stand. Those tiny East German decals are not as bad to get positioned as I had envisioned them being. 

As you'll no doubt notice, the rotor discs have been glazed with spray matt varnish. I do it intentionally, as once you get these little things on the tabletop and you're looking down onto them, they've proven to be pretty damned hard to see. I find that the glazed rotor discs are very helpful in improving their visibility and thus in helping me keep track of my helicopters and the effect really doesn't detract from the model, though it does give most overly anally-retentive wargamers an absolute apoplexy! 

More from me shortly!


  1. Sweet little model of an iconic 'Cold War' chopper. I like the glazed look to the rotor blades makes as if they are spinning.