Sunday, July 27, 2014

My wife is feeling smug!

My wife is gloating this morning!
"Her" post of a week ago (On the joys of having a wargame-friendly wife"), as of this morning, has had 379 views! In a week! My most viewed post EVER is 234 ("Let's build a rice paddy") and it took nearly a year to accrue that many views. 

It's odd that I'm the one who wrote "her" post and it's on MY blog, but my wife tells me it's hers and not mine. Is there no justice in the world? 
Oh, the ignominy of it all!!


  1. Not to add insult to injury, but your wife gave me more confidence ready for painting my own first miniatures.

    And your brilliant blog of course ;-)

  2. Nice paint job, though! Love the shading! Of course, macro-scales get all the attention and you're just going to have to tell your wife that. It's relatively easy to produce a nice-looking 1:1 scale miniature. 1:600... now THERE'S a challenge.