Saturday, November 29, 2014

YOU did this!!

I blame all of YOU for this!!
Yes, YOU, with all your talk of confounded new-fangled 3mm Napoleonics. You know full well that I'm an addict!! You have NO business whatsoever in chattering away like magpies on about the gorgeous sculpts and the bright colors and the stunning mass effect!! YOU, I say! YOU are at fault for this next order I make to Picoarmor!!
I see you all hiding there behind the sofa! And you, the one in blue! Sheepishly staring at your shoes won't help matters!

Mrs History PhD will have my scalp for this!! I hope you're all happy now!!
Heads will roll! I am NOT taking the fall for this all by myself!!


  1. Gooble gobble! We accept you! One of us!

  2. Ok, I'm going to start off with bicorne infantry. They're good for Prussians, Saxons, and Spaniards.

  3. Buy a pack more than you think you will need and practice doing the figs a number of ways before you start settling down to mass producing them. If you think it's too dark, it probably is. If you're wondering whether you should go lighter, you should. Use medium grey instead of black, as FMS said on TMP.

    For Saxons and Spanish, base coat light grey, dry brush white, and slash and dot the details. Go back towards the end and make sure you got white on all the high points, such as the forward knee.

    I haven't done Prussians yet, but I figure medium grey all around.

  4. As I'm going to have to buy all new paint to do this, I'm trying to keep those purchases to a minimum

  5. Finally got you linked on Lead Doesn't Bleed, by the way.

    And no, if you're doing Saxons and Spanish, you don`t need new paint: white, black, grey, brown, silver and red will do you.

    Nice try. ;)

    1. Prussian blue is where the trial and error will begin