Friday, December 5, 2014

Fencers and iPhone cameras

A couple of new developments to report in this installment, in addition to bemoaning the fact that my 3mm Napoleonic troops, mailed in Chicago on Monday morning are STILL not in Houston as of early Friday evening!!! Damn it!!!

Firstly, I've been working on two Soviet Su-24 Fencers:
The Su-24 was designed as a solitary, deep strike aircraft, specifically for targeting high value enemy installations; NATO airfields, command and control nodes, etc. Although nuclear capable, the majority of their planned operations were to be conventionally armed. The Su-24, which entered service with the Soviet Air Force in 1973, was modeled on, and was a direct response to, the U.S. F-111:
Both aircraft shared many design features, as well as carrying out similar roles. Although the Fencer was designed for deep penetration raids, it was also expected to carry out tactical strikes in support of frontline ground troops. 

As you can see from the top two photos, the Fencer was a very trim and elegant aircraft; highly unusual for anything designed and built behind the Iron Curtain. Tumbling Dice's rendition doesn't do the real thing justice and it's definitely not one of their better sculpts. It's noticeably blocky and chunky. However, it's the only choice for a Fencer in 1/600: 
As usual, Dom's decals; a superior product. 

As you may also notice in the above photos of my Su-24, I have upgraded to an iPhone 6 since my last post. While the iPhone 6 Plus has an excellent camera (by cell phone standards), the damned thing is HUGE!! It's definitely too large to be conveniently carried, so I opted for the somewhat smaller iPhone 6: 
Although the camera isn't quite as impressive as that on the 6 Plus, it's vastly superior to what I had before. Hopefully it will provide you all with better quality photos to look at. 

Ok, back to painting. More next time!


  1. Very nice as always, I'm enjoying seeing all these aircraft at the moment! However, isn't this the SU24 'Fencer'? The SU27 Flanker was a rather sleek, evil looking fighter I believe, very different machine :)

    1. It's all those damned NATO reporting names rattling around in my head!

  2. Quite right! I got my F's mixed up!

  3. Bummer, man. Here I thought they were Ogre Miniatures 3mm Fencers...

    1. I'm trying to get you out of your sci/fi rut!