Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's not exactly M*A*S*H*, but it'll do

I bought some army-style tents off of Shapeways not too long ago (see my post "A Shapeways shipment arrived" 3/2/15), so I've been wanting to make use of some of them. What better way than to do a little vignette of an East German forward field hospital?

The tents are a basic military type:
The minis come as large rectangular tents and small square ones. In general, field hospitals are nothing more than quite a few tents, all connected together:
So I used an 80mm x 40mm steel base and constructed my own. It doesn't really have a legitimate use in a wargame, but it's a nice little bit of table dressing:
GHQ decals throughout. 

For vehicles, I put on a Trabant Kübel (with the top down) and a URAL-375D:
Just as miscellaneous staff vehicles. For the field ambulances that would have been constantly coming and going, I used an MT-LB and a couple of UAZ-452s, both having been used in reality:
As this will always be seen from above, I resisted the urge to put decals on the sides of the vehicles. Decals on 1/600 scale vehicles at all seemed lunatic enough to me, without pushing it any farther.
The UAZ-452, basically nothing more than a VW bus, was used in a variety of roles, such as post bus and for hauling light cargo:
But its main use was as a light field ambulance. 

Most forward hospitals had at least one helipad for medivac choppers, so I couldn't resist including one, especially when I saw this great camouflage scheme on a Polish Army Mi-2 Hoplite air ambulance:
Thanks to Wings Palette for that. Bright green and dark purple! I've got to have one of those!

As I said, I'll probably never have an actually need for this, but it was fun to create it. In future, I'll use the rest of the tents to do a West German hospital. This has helped me get the long Easter weekend's painting started (I don't have to work on Good Friday! Yay!!), so more as the weekend passes. 


  1. Very nice addition to a gaming table, it is worth the effort.

  2. It's these touches that make a table great.

  3. Even though it's not terribly useful, it does look good on the table.

  4. Sadly there weren't any green-purple Mi-2s. I have original book with this picture and it's green-dark green there. Bad scanning I suppose... But real '2212' had an interesting camouflage too:

    1. Awwww. Too bad. Purple would've been cool. Oh well, it's small enough that no one will notice anyway

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks. It seemed like something a bit unique that I could easily create