Sunday, July 19, 2015

Interesting photos, Episode 2

This will be a Vietnam episode. Here are a few photos from my collection which I find interesting for one reason or another. 

Anywhere you could conceivably walk, Charlie could mine. 

You don't often see shots of Zippo boats at work during darkness (it appears to be either dawn or dusk).

An M134 minigun mounted M113, but with an added M2HB for the driver!

Yes, body bombing really did happen. 

An XM177E1 "Shorty", AKA the Colt Commando. There were still a few in service when I joined the Army in 1980. The accuracy was pretty crap because of the short 10" barrel. It had a combination flash and sound suppressor. 

A very good shot of a Stoner 63. 

An interesting field modification to an H-13 Sioux; a Stoner 63 and a smeared on overhead sun shade. 

In the rural areas, anywhere that isn't a rice patty, is a muddy crop field. You can tell that there's some sort of watercourse in the background because of the palm trees. In SE Asia, you don't generally see palm trees, except on coconut plantations, lining creeks and rivers, in a line set back from the beach, and scattered around in the towns.

An XM733, used by the Marines in Vietnam in 1966-67. It's the armored assault version of the M116A1 Husky cargo vehicle

And one of the six M163 Vulcans sent to Vietnam beginning in 1968. This is at the Port of Saigon. Notice the odd camo scheme. Units 1 and 2 had the dishes mounted, but no actual radar set was installed. Units 3-6 had no dish. 

That's it for this installment. More stuff next episode. 


  1. That is a great set of photos. A lot of very interesting details.