Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Progress with my samurai

I've finished painting a test batch of half a dozen of Baccus' ashigaru archers:

I went rather generic with my painting. After a good deal of web research, it seems that ashigaru wore their own clothing under their armor, so the colors should be quite varied within a given unit. The armor and jingasa helmet were provided by the lord for some clans and by the ashigaru themselves in other clans. To help with unit identification on the tabletop, I've decided to go with one color of armor for each clan (these guys having dark brown). A single armor color for a whole unit isn't really historically correct, but it is convenient and my eyes need the helping hand. 

You can see that I've left the sashimonos with no mon. I've decided on making these guys Takada, but painting mons that tiny defies my abilities, so I've ordered some mon decals from Baccus. I'm rather dubious about decals that minute, but we'll see what they look like when they arrive. Hopefully this won't be another six week odyssey before they show up. 

My samurai library is very slowly growing:
And of course, the rules:
Also still winging its way to me in the post is:
Stephen Turnbull certainly seems to dominate the genre! 

After it arrives, I'll begin thinking about basing. Killer Katanas II uses fairly small bases, which I'm not particularly happy about, as I lose much of the mass effect that is the entire raison d'être of 6mm. We'll see what happens as things continue to progress. 

More drivel this weekend!

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