Wednesday, August 26, 2015

50,000 views!! And thank you to Arrigo!!

I went past 50,000 views overnight! It took 25 months, so I don't suppose that it broke any records, but still...yay!!!!

In addition, Mrs. History PhD would like to pass on a big thank you to Arrigo the Crazy (one of my followers). He was kind and generous enough to dip into his spare parts box and send her a couple of M60 machine guns, a good quality M2HB, and a few other odds and ends. Stand by for one of them to put in an appearance in Mrs. History PhD's next FOW Vietnam project. Thank you Arrigo!
Kob khun ka (the female version of "thank you" in Thai).


  1. Well done, Mr History PhD. Well done, Arrigo! And Mrs History, we want to see more of your painting!

    As for stats...I started in 2010 and I'm at 30k views so whatever you have done, you have beat me.

    1. Mrs. History PhD already has another project in the works. More on that shortly.

  2. Dosoyoroshiku! (the only Asian language I can barely understand...) . Looking forward to see my spares in action!