Monday, August 10, 2015

Decals for my samurai

The 6mm samurai decals from Baccus arrived today and unlike the samurai minis themselves, these arrived in record time...well, 16 days, which isn't bad at all. 
As you can see, they are Takeda mon. 

There are enough for 24 figures wearing sashimono and bigger ones for 6 nobori. At $9.50/£6.25 including the postage, this just isn't going to be a financially viable option. With even a moderate-sized samurai army, I'd get through several hundred decals!

And I've already detected a problem:
The decals don't quite fit. As small as they are, the decals hang off the back side of the sashimono to a noticeable degree, though maybe it's not as obvious in the photo. Trimming the decal paper smaller won't help, as it's the actual image that hangs over. 

Well, I'll use these up, as I paid through the nose for them, but I'll have to find a cheaper, smaller, bulk alternative. Damn it!! Any ideas?

Oh! My Osprey on the Battle of Nagashino has also arrived, so yet more reference work to wade through! More meanderings from me on the weekend.

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