Monday, September 2, 2013

A long weekend of "this and that"

The long Labor Day weekend is here (when I lived in Scotland, it was September Bank Holiday), so I'm trying to catch up on some of the myriad of things sitting half-finished on my hobby table.

I'm just beginning a 1/600 company of Italian M11/39 medium tanks for the 1940 Italian invasion of Egypt. I've also just finished a company of L3/35 tankettes. As usual with my 1/600 stuff, it's all at 1:1.
No command stand for either yet. I always put a couple of infantry on my command stands to represent officers, but I'm fresh out of Italian infantry, so I'll have to wait while more come in the mail from Picoarmor. For my desert bases, I usually stick on a tiny rock or two, maybe a bush, and a patch or two of burnt grass, but I'm beginning to feel it's just a bit too "busy", what with the tanks on there also. 

Finished a Timecast 6mm car garage, though the house and car that will go with it have a while before they'll be finished.

Also, a Z-scale town fountain by Faller. It didn't seem terribly realistic once it was finished per the instructions, so I made a few adjustments, like filling it with Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and creating splashing water with their Water Effects. It came out reasonably well, I think.

I'm also working on converting a GHQ 1/285 river monitor into a 105mm howitzer fire support monitor. 

I've plated over the mortar pit with sheet styrene and created a 105mm turret by cutting off the bustle and most of the gun barrel of an M47 turret, then smoothing off the cut areas. I'm in the process of building a re-bar armor cage for the turret using GHQ's Stryker slat armor (doing which is absolutely fiddly as hell!!). This is what I'm shooting for:
As you can see in the photos of the real thing, the turret actually sat much farther back, closer to the superstructure, but that would require quite an involved conversion. The 40mm turret ring is already cast on the model and it's much easier to fudge reality just a bit and use what's already provided. I'll show you the finished product soon. 

And for my West Germans for LANDJUT 1981, I'm working on some 1/300 Heroics & Ros Green Archer counter-battery radar vehicles and several Mungas from Dragoman on As you can see, I've only gotten as far as the base coat of gelboliv. 
3-D printing has a long, long way to go in both product quality and affordability. Having bought several 3-D printed items, I have to say that the quality level is marginal at best and the prices are extortionate for what you get. 

Pretty much an endless supply of other things to show you and talk about, so more next posting!!  Hope you had a good holiday. 


  1. He he, love the fountain. Bet that'll look great on the table. Also the Program 5 monitor (105mm) is great - I bet that is a fiddly job... I don't evny you that. I bought some brass etch solution and brass sheet, but I haven't managed to get round to having a tinker yet. Could be useful for making bar armour.

  2. I love the ww2 Italians. Ww2 Italy is a pet project for me. I also love 3 mm miniatures. I made an executive decision to only game in 3 mm and 6 mm. Although I will do skirmish games with 15mm and 28mm.

    I have looked at over your blog for info on what games you play. What games do you play? What are the dimensions are your 3 mm bases? Why does my hip hurt? WHY?

    1. Well, first off, your hip hurts so much because you spend too much time sitting at the painting table. I won't share with you exactly how I know that. My platoon bases are all 30x40. All the commands stands and forward observer stands are 25x25 (ie 1"X1"). That goes for World War II as well as modern. World War II is really more of a collection for me than it is for gaming. My gaming interests are mostly 3mm modern and 6mm Vietnam. For Vietnam I use Charlie Don't Surf. For modern, I tend toward Fistful of TOWs 3.

    2. The hip comment was a quote of Joel from Mystery Science Theater 3000 Teenagers from outer space. Whenever I ask a string of questions that comment enters my mind.

      I am bummed that you do not have a ww2 rules set. I was hoping you could give me are recommendation. My best lead is Hail of fire. It is team based but I am sure it could be squad based. I have become obsessed with 1:1 Micro armor gaming. It is cool to see someone else doing it. I thought I was alone in a sea of abstraction. I have a respectable bit of pico armor early war Russian stuff.
      I categorize my gaming into three types. ..ancients, ww2, and cold war.
      I like DbA and DbMM. Ww2 is still open. And the cold war is mainly Vietnam in 15mm single based stuff. I use a game called No end in sight. It is currently on sale at wargames vault until Feb. 3rd.

      Once again, I am thrilled to see another 3 mm wargamer. I will have to base some rice to show "those" gamers...

    3. I am so pleased with the rule systems' put out by Too Fat Lardies that I would advise you to use I Ain't Been Shot Mum. It's a very affordable and is easily adapted to most scales.

      I have pretty much given up any scale other than 3mm, except for Vietnam, where I stick to 6mm, given that Vietnam was not a conflict that used masses of ground vehicles.