Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Brown Water Navy

Late 1967. Deep in the Mekong Delta, the US Navy's riverine warfare craft ply the multitude of small waterways that criss-cross the Delta, delivering troops of the US Army's 9th Infantry Division and supplying them with fire support.

I thought this weekend I'd spotlight the riverine warfare craft that I use with Too Fat Lardies' rules, Charlie Don't Surf (an outstanding rules set, btw). So here we go with my primarily GHQ 1/285 force, though there are a couple of 1/300 Amphibmods (It's a one man operation and he has no website, just an email) thrown in. First off are ATC's (armored troop carriers) or "Tango boats". Here's a real one:
And a couple of mine:

Now a command and control monitor or "Charlie boat".  A real one:
And mine:

A real monitor:
And my version:

Refueler boat or "Romeo boat":

An earlier type flame-thrower or "Zippo boat":


LCM-8's or "Mike boats":
I've scratch-built an artillery platform and a helipad that sit in the welldecks and are removable. 

South Vietnamese Navy Yabuta boats:

I'm also working on a 105mm fire support monitor, a PCF "Swift boat", two more ATC's, an ASPB, and my pièce de résistance, a water cannon or "Douche boat":

More as projects reach completion!


  1. Excellent, I wasn't aware so many craft were available at this scale. I knew about the GHQ but I'd never heard of Amphimods until I started following your blog. As you know I like a bit of Riverine. I must finish off the Douche Boat conversion I started ages ago... Irma La Douche...

    1. The guy who runs Amphibmods is Ian Starling. Very nice guy, but as he's a one man operation, he takes a while to fill an order, so you have to be patient. His email is: If you drop him an email, he'll get his price list to you