Saturday, March 22, 2014

A 3mm farmhouse!!

I've been doing little beyond East Germans for two or three weeks, so I thought I'd do something different to break up the monotony. I've finished my first 1/600 building; a European farmhouse:

The photos don't really show the dry brushing and weathering. I drilled a small diameter hole in the corner and inserted a sewing pin as a tree trunk. I cut the point and about 1/3 of the length of the pin off first, then superglued it in place. The whole thing was primed, painted, and drybrushed, then I superglued a piece of Woodland Scenics foilage clusters in place as the tree's canopy. A little of their "red flowers" flock sprinkled on to represent apples and then a liberal spray of Testors Dullcote. Looks not bad. My first 1/600 building! I think I got the tree slightly taller than scale, but it's not outlandish or visibly out of place, so I think it's pretty good for my first go. 

If I have any complaint about the building, it's that it's supposed to be "European". Architecture varies quite radically within Europe, so I'll have to avoid looking too closely in order to use it for a northern German farmhouse, but until the 1/600 market expands, it'll have to do. 

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