Saturday, March 29, 2014

Danish infantry platoon TO&E

I've already covered the TO&E I use for making East German infantry platoon stands, so this weekend, I'll go over how I structure a Danish platoon. 

After a bit of Internet research, a platoon of Danish infantry in the early 80s was made up of 3 squads. Each squad consisted of 4 riflemen, a 2 man LMG crew (the MG was a German made MG3):
And a Carl Gustav with a two man crew:
Two M72 LAWs were also issued to each squad:
So this makes my platoon stand 12 rifles, 3 LMGs, and 3 Carl Gustavs. In the early 80s, individual platoons had no MANPADS, which seems to me to be a significant handicap. Six two-man Hamlet teams (the Danish name for the US Redeye) mounted in Land Rovers were assigned at the brigade level, to be parceled out to the infantry battalions: 
They weren't replaced by Stingers until the later 80s. 

Additionally, each mechanized company had a pair of M125 mortar carriers (81mm): 
Motorized units substituted 3 mortars carried by a Unimog 1300L. 

In other news, I used this weekend to finish the East German T-55 company that was missing from the panzer battalion for my motor rifle regiment, which is slowly taking shape. Here's the entire battalion, including command, in one of GHQs bunker boxes:

I also made a start on a Danish armored reconnaissance squadron. Here are 2 troops of M41 Walker Bulldogs:
A friend mentioned "Oh! They're not exactly correct. They're not M41 DKs!" No they aren't. However, Danish M41s didn't begin the upgrade process to DK standard until 1983 (being completed in 1985), so because I begin my scenario on March 30, 1981, they would still have been standard, unmodernized M41s:
And just for conversation's sake, here's an M41 DK:
The visible differences being the addition of a laser range-finder box above the gun barrel, Leopard-style scalloped side-skirts, and a truly enormous turret bustle.

That polishes off this weekend. Another installment in a few days, if not before!

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