Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saggers and other toys

Painting a few command stands this weekend, as well as a stand of AT-3 Sagger anti-tank missles:
The O8 pack contains models that are very obviously Saggers, but also includes some that are different and could be used for Spigots:
Or Spandrels:
Or even Saxhorns:
In 1981, the East Germans had tons of Saggers, quite a good number of Spigots, and even a few Spandrels, but Saxhorn had only been in service since 1979, so only a small number of Soviet units would've had them. 

Here are my East German Saggers:

And two BDRM-2U and one T-55 command stands:

I'm also trying to get another company of T-55's done so my panzer battalion will be finished. That will get me about one third of the way to a complete motor rifle regiment. Whew. Still a way to go though. Not counting various support units, I need 3 motor rifle battalions and 1 panzer battalion.  

Otherwise, just texturing a lot of bases this weekend, which is less than photogenic. However, I feel a creative burst coming on. I haven't made a terrain feature in quite a while and I've never done one in 3mm. I have a 1/600 European farmhouse coming from Picoarmor and I need something to go with it. Standby....

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