Saturday, May 3, 2014

Danish mechanized infantry battalion, Part 1

I'm starting a Danish mechanized infantry battalion this weekend, which in the early 80's consisted of 2 mechanized infantry companies (mounted in M113's), one motorized infantry company (most mounted in Unimog 1300L's, but some still had the older Bedford MK), one tank squadron (mechanized battalions had Centurion V/2's), plus some assorted support platoons. So, I've finished the motorized company and I chose Bedfords:
And the two 81mm mortars that accompanied the motorized troops:
The closest models that O8 makes are WWII British mortars, but at this scale, you can't tell the difference. As long as they're painted as Danes, no one will know. 

After looking at quite a lot of photos on the Internet, I find that some Danish trucks had camouflage canvas covers:
And some didn't:
So I camouflage about 2/3 of mine, but the rest I leave as plain, either canvas colored or some shade of green.  

The next stage is to finish two companies of mechanized infantry in M113's, including command. Here's the first platoon finished:
And a real one just for the heck of it:

Ok, another weekend shot all to hell. More next time! Let's get back to the painting table. 

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