Sunday, March 29, 2015

The weekend's parting shot

For some reason, I've been on quite a roll this weekend, painting-wise. In addition to yesterday's post on engineers, "More engineering goodness" (March 28, 2015), I've also finished off a full battalion of East German T-72s:
which means I now have two armored battalions (a T-72 and a T-55) toward my goal of a full regiment. I'll still need to churn out another T-55 battalion, a tracked motor rifle battalion (either BMP-1 or BTR-50PK), and the usual assorted support platoons, which are already mostly finished. 

In 1981, the vast bulk of East Germany's small but growing T-72 fleet would have been assigned to the 9th Panzer Division (approx. a battalion's worth), which would take part in the push into (and through) LANDJUT. The 7th Panzer Division in the south would have had no more than a company's worth of T-72s at that time. 

Here's my battalion:
Plus three company command stands:
And a battalion commander:

Not a bad weekend's work! More in my next post. 

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