Sunday, September 27, 2015


Never fear! Naval miniatures haven't totally supplanted 1/600 Cold War and I've finished off a company of Soviet T-80Bs to prove it:

In 1981, these beasts would've been a rarity, especially in LANDJUT, where the toughest opposition would have been West German Leopard 1A4s (the few Leopard 2s produced by then would have been held considerably further south). The very small number of T-80Bs available were mostly with Central Group of Forces (CGF) in Czechoslovakia or in the western military districts just inside the Soviet Union. A precious few T-80s were in Group of Soviet Forces Germany (GSFG), facing the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) specifically to oppose the Chieftain tanks.

No matter which front you look at, T-80s were supplied at the rate of just one company per armored division. Therefore, my addition of a company for a LANDJUT campaign is entirely fanciful and purely a "what if", but they're just too cool not to have a few. So, here they are:

Like all O8 minis of second and third generation Soviet MBTs (T-64, T-72, T-80), these don't give a good impression of the squat, ground-hugging appearance of the real thing, but otherwise, it's quite a good looking model.

A productive weekend! Lots of half-finished projects polished off. And that's with Mrs. History PhD's "honey do" list thrown into the bargain! 


  1. Well done on polish I g some projects off - I myself am trying to finish some in time for a certain festive holiday that shall remain nameless. Rule of cool works for me - nice little tanks! Is THIS project nearing completion though? ;)

    1. Well, the T-80 portion of the project is complete :-)

  2. I totally posted here. Oh well. Rule of cool is the way forward, nice tanks! Well done on wrapping up some projects too - I myself am trying to finish some brûlée a certain festive holiday...