Monday, September 28, 2015

Japanese light cruisers

In an uncharacteristic flurry of activity, I've finished two Japanese light cruisers! First, the Yubari:
Launched in 1923 and sole member of her class, the Yubari was very active during the Pacific war, including the Battle of Savo Island, and was finally torpedoed by the US submarine Bluegill in April 1944. 

I've also completed the Tenryu:
Likewise a victim of a US submarine (the Albacore in December 1942) and a veteran of Savo Island, where her torpedoes sank USS Quincy, Tenryu was the lead ship of her class of two (I have her sister, Tatsuta, in my painting queue) and was launched in 1919. She was also the oldest Japanese cruiser to fight in WWII.

Not a bad night's work!
Only about 600 more to go! Once I run out of my small stock of White Ensign's now defunct line of WWII naval paints, I'm going to be in a hard way!!

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