Thursday, July 4, 2013

So, here we go!

Ok, so now I have a "blog". Being from a pre-Internet generation, I'm somewhat at a loss as to how to use a blog, how to add photos, why anyone would want to read it in the first place, but I'm assured that blogs are a "must have" for the 21st Century man, so, please bear with me. One (among many) of my passions is miniature wargaming. I've been at it since I was about 11 years old (too long ago to remember clearly - I'll be 51 in Sept). Oddly, as I've gotten older and my eyesight has gotten worse (and worse), I've discovered an increasing love of the tinier scales, 1/300 and 1/600.

When I was a kid, 25mm was all the rage. I took an instant dislike to this larger, clunkier scale and I went to 15mm figures, which I stayed with for many many years, then lo and behold, I came across 6mm (aka 1/300 and 1/285). All my life, I've had a fascination with all things tiny (maybe that's why I have a wife who is 4'11"?). 15mm was passé for me now!!  6mm became my consuming passion...until a few months ago when I made the mistake of buying a few 3mm (1/600) vehicles. Oh Lord!!  The detail on those tiny things is incredible!! And so a new passion was born, though I haven't given up 6mm. Both scales co-exist happily in my hobby addiction.

Like most, if not all, wargamers, I have more interests than my wallet will support, so my current passion rotates through several timeframes. The Vietnam War (mostly 6mm, but tinkering with 3mm too), Early 80's NATO v WarPac (mostly a LANDJUT campaign in 3mm, but again, tinkering a bit in 6mm too), ACW in 3mm, Napoleonics in 6mm, and WWII Western Desert in 3mm (I think I have hobby ADD). As you can see, "too many hogs for the teats" to quote Abraham Lincoln. Miniatures, terrain, paints, brushes and tools, rule's all just too much for a poor checking account to handle.

So, in summation, this will be my "diary" about what I'm fiddling with, painting, creating, buying. I'll do my best to make weekly posts and I'll keep a list of all the links from my posts on my front page, all for your titilation and edification, provided of course that I figure out how to use this damned blog. (Also, please note that I will be using numerous images that I find on the internet and I do not present these as my own images and copyright remains with the images' original posters.) So, comments and questions are welcome and if there's a particular topic you'd like to see me cover, please feel free to let me know. As a nearly 51 year old rudely thrust, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century, I am indeed a "stranger in a strange land." Welcome to my blog...


  1. Well I am glad you have started blogging especially as your interests seem quite well aligned with my own. Vietnam and Cold War 80s.
    Currently I work in 15mm (3mm/1:600 for Vietnam air) but the allure of the GHQ 6mm Vietnam range is hard to resist.
    Look forward to seeing your posts and your progress on the scenery issue (Terrain Maker).