Saturday, July 27, 2013

Works in progress this weekend

I see lots of other wargamers who sit down and marathon paint an entire regiment or a whole village worth of buildings all in one night. I admire their tenacity and their eyesight. I, on the other hand, keep a multitude of projects going and I flit from one to the next with gleeful abandon. I have neither the patience nor the spinal fortitude to go for hours on one thing. Quite honestly, I'd get bored and lose interest, so I keep it mentally engaging by flip-flopping around. Ok, I don't get nearly as much done nearly as quickly as others, but you know what? A hobby is supposed to be relaxing and FUN!! Too many wargamers turn it into work. I get too much of that on weekdays. That's why I need a hobby in the first place. 

So, here's this weekend's crop of little half-finished projects I'm tinkering with and/or finishing. I've completed a 3mm West German panzergrenadier battalion at 1:1, for my 1981 LANDJUT campaign. Here's the battalion, with company and battalion command:

Marders for the two companies of panzergrenadiers and one company of M113G's for the jägers. The dismounted infantry still wait for my attention. 

Next up is a 1/285 ambulance I've completed for my Vietnam aid station. Much to my annoyance, no one makes the M43 or M725 ambulance that would be correct for mid to late Vietnam War, so I'm forced to use a WWII Dodge WC-54 ambulance. I can overlook it because they would've been present early in the American participation (up to 1965 or so) and the ARVN no doubt had many in use right up to 1975. 

I'm also in the process of making up a 3mm Cold War Danish 105mm battery, again for my LANDJUT campaign. 
It will be 4x 105mm (Danish light batteries had only 2 sections), 4x Bedford M ammunition supply trucks, 4x M113 crew transport vehicles, 2x Land Rover 110 forward observer vehicles, and 1x M113 battery commander's vehicle. A 1:1 battery. 

And this Armored Troop Carrier
needs to be turned into another one of these

That's enough to keep me busy until Monday morning. No doubt I won't finish it all, but there's always next weekend!!

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