Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Terrain for Southeast Asia, Part 2

One of the things that defines the Vietnam War, as far as I'm concerned, is the Mekong Delta and the riverine forces that fought there. I find that this area makes for fascinating wargaming.

As such, a fair bit of the terrain I work on represents the Delta area and rivers are a major portion of that. As I've said before, I use GHQ Terrain Maker hexes, despite not being all that happy with it as a product. There's far too much variation in exact size and shape from hex to hex and it's way too much trouble to try to alter every single hex. But, I've yet to find a better, but still affordable alternative. 

So, we begin with a 1/4" hex, which I smear with a liberal coating of Flexpaste
I then tap gently with my finger all over the wet paste to raise small "wave" ridges, to simulate current, etc. Then let it dry well and we end up with this
Rivers in Vietnam are rarely blue or blue-green as they are in the US or Europe. Generally in Southeast Asia, they're an opaque mud color, and in some areas, with a noticeable olive green tint. I went to Home Depot looking for a "muddy water" house paint and what should I find for $2 in the mis-mixed bin? 
Enough to last a lifetime!! So after giving my hexes two coats for even coverage, I then add a generous coat of Vallejo Gloss Varnish and here's the end product
When strung together and banks added to both sides, I get something like this

As you can see, the GHQ hexes don't fit together as seamlessly as I want, but it'll do until I find a better alternative. 

Ok, back to the work bench!!


  1. Congrats on joining the 21st century with your blog! I have added you to my blog list and will be looking forward to more posts!

    I love the way this 'muddy' river turned out. It really looks the part. The riverine flotilla looks nice too.

    As far as the terrain hexes - they are disappointing arent they?!? Im still looking/trying to figure out the ultimate basing medium that is a good blend of looks and easy storage, but I still havent found it yet.

    Have you ever looked into 'hexon' from Kallistra? (http://www.kallistra.co.uk/?page=8) It looks promising, but the shipping charges from the UK are out of sight.

    Good luck with your blog!

    1. I have seen their stuff. But it would take a bank loan to buy it

  2. Love the riverine boats - are they the GHQ models? So tempting to start in another scale...
    One of the ideas I've been playing around with is using a layer of something like lino as a base for the water table then building anything above water up on it. This would take away the hexes on the water though - if that is an issue.

    1. Most of my riverine force are GHQ boats, but I have a couple from Amphibmods in the UK. I'd love to get rid of hexes altogether, but I do want terrain that's modular, so I can get a lot of variations