Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cool useless stuff I bought!

I'm not exactly sure why, but as part of my last Picoarmor order, I bought five Frog-7 medium-range battlefield rockets, Frog standing for "Free Rocket Over Ground", for my East Germans:
A battery was two TEL's (Transporter Erector Launcher), so I have enough to do a battery in traveling mode and another in firing mode. Of course, almost all of the battery's support vehicles aren't made in 1/600, particularly the End Tray radar trailer:
So I'll have to just overlook that. 

To put my insanity into perspective, the maximum range of the Frog-7 (which the Soviets called Luna M) was 43 miles or 70 km, with a circle error probability of a 1/2 mile! It was generally fired from at or near the maximum range, as the whole raison d'être of a standoff weapon is so you can use it while "standing off". In true 1/600 ground scale, that means I need a wargaming table 1250 yards long (1143 meters)!!! 

Making a battery in traveling mode I can maybe see, ambush of a moving battery or some such scenario, but the firing ones...I just don't know. I perplex myself sometimes. In any case, here's the battery in firing mode:

After looking at a lot of images on the Internet, I found the actual rocket painted off white, a variety of light and medium grays, and a couple of different greens, however, these images would've been taken on training exercises or at museums. It seems to me that during an actual war, they would've been painted some variety of green as an attempt at camouflage, so mine are, though for "bling", I couldn't resist red nose cones. I also didn't muddy up these vehicles as much as I usually do. I imagine they'd stick to roads as much as possible.  

Well, more nonsense from me next weekend. Maybe I'll get some 1/600 ICBM's!! Hmm....


  1. They look great. I found that most artillery is too long ranged for 3mm or 6mm scale, thus I use my LR artillery models as "markers" to denote how many fire missions I have assigned. I don't have any ICBMs, but I did pick up a CinC Backfire in 1/285 years ago.

  2. Thanks very much Dartfrog