Sunday, May 25, 2014

Danish mechanized infantry battalion, Part 2

I've devoted the final day of my long Memorial Day weekend to finishing off the last M113 company that has been missing from my Danish mechanized infantry battalion. So here is the battalion, with command, including the armored squadron and all support platoons, in all it's tiny glory. First a shot of the whole battalion:
Here's each of the two mechanized and one motorized infantry companies, and at the back, two M125 mortar carriers for each mechanized company and two truck-transported mortars for the motorized company:
Next, the armored squadron of Centurion V/2's:
And the eight TOW launchers, four M150's and four Land Rover mounted:
Then the four 120mm towed mortars:
Also, the Land Rover reconnaissance platoon:
And finally, the battalion commander:
I've slightly reorganized how I do my command stands, which I'll cover in my next post. You'll notice that I didn't include any infantry stands. I think of them as a separate problem. 

And the whole battalion fits neatly into two bunker boxes!

Tell me 3mm isn't the business!! And to top it all off, if you disregard the postage and the amount necessary for basing materials, the whole battalion cost me just $21(about £14 or €16)!! That gets just 10 vehicles with GHQ!!

More next time!


  1. That's a lot of hardware

    Just nominated you for the Liebster Award for the quality of your blog