Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Danes need some anti-aircraft!

Recently, it occurred to me that my growing Danish force has no anti-aircraft capability.

In reality, in the early 80's, a Danish Army anti-aircraft company consisted of four Bofors 40mm L60 guns:
Each towed by a Unimog 1300L, which also provided crew transport and ammunition supply. The guns were essentially identical to the WWII type and they weren't replaced with the updated L70 model:
Until the mid-80's.

Even though the guns were badly out-dated and minimally effective against jet aircraft, even low-flying ground attack aircraft, their proximity-fused shells could still be absolutely devastating against helicopters. 

So, to help keep the vicious Mi-24D's off of my poor Danes, I ordered a pack of 40mm Bofors guns from Picoarmor (along with another pack of Unimog trucks). They're actually WWII British guns, but as I said above, they're identical to Cold War L60's. O8 has produced some quite nice little sculpts:
You can even see the tiny Tommy helmets!! I'll do one company's worth. More on this as the stands progress. 

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