Sunday, June 15, 2014

Geckos and other wildlife

No, not that gecko!
This Gecko!!

I bought a few SA-8 Gecko ("Osa" to the Soviets) SAM vehicles. Each East German division had an attached battery (4 vehicles) of either these or SA-6 Gainful:

Here's the first stand of two that I'll make:
Normally I texture, paint, and flock ten bases at a time so I'm ready to base anything I paint, but I'm out! So, I'll have to make up some more before I can finish off this battery. I'll need to do a command stand for this too. 

The Gecko was unique in that it was the first (entering service in 1971) mobile SAM that had the launcher and all necessary guidance, tracking, and targeting radars in one self-contained vehicle, which is known as a TELAR (Transporter Erector Launcher and Radar).

The other "wildlife" in the title is another Frog-7 battery that I've finished, this time in traveling mode:
And there's another command stand that I need to make! Let's get busy!  More next time.

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