Thursday, June 5, 2014

Son of "Cool useless stuff I bought!"

I said I'd get some ICBM's, but unfortunately, no one makes them in 1/600. However, I have bought the next closest thing: Scuds!! Specifically Scud B's:

The Scud B has a maximum range of 190 miles/300km. What could be more supremely useless on a wargame table? So of course I have to have some. I'll do a battery of four in firing mode and another battery in traveling mode. Here are a couple of the real thing:

Maybe next will be a nuclear powered Zeppelin with death ray cannons!!! Muahahahahaha!! Ok, just kidding. 


  1. For a platoon level game they'd make an excellent objective. For higher level games...not so sure. ;-)

  2. Well they could make a nice objective in a game.

  3. No doubt I'll use them as a marker for an off table asset

  4. These look smart, I think the boon of 6mm is it lets you collect and model stuff that in 28mm would be equally useless gamewise but would be prohibitively expensive purchase wise.