Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wait! Where's the artillery!?!

Recently, while looking over my East Germans and planning what items I still need to buy and paint for them, I was stunned by a realization. I have absolutely NO East German artillery whatsoever!! Neither towed nor self-propelled!! How could this have happened!?! So, as a stop-gap until I can make a full order of artillery, I added a bag of D-30 122mm towed howitzers to an order I was sending to Picoarmor that day. 

Here's one of the three stands of two guns each (one section) that I made up for a battery. This is them superglued to the stand and primed:
They're very nice little sculpts, with three crewmen each. Here's the real thing for comparison:

And here's the whole battery: 

I've paired this battery with some URAL-375D prime movers. I'll still need to make up an FAO (Forward Artillery Observer) stand with a 1V18 vehicle:
Basically just a BTR-60PB with the gun barrel filed off of the turret. 
That'll be the next project. 

Whew, I feel better now. My poor East Germans were naked!! More in the next installment!