Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Polish airborne troops

Tonight I've been working on an airborne antitank company for the Polish 6th Pomeranian air landing division. The Poles had less airlift capability than the Soviets did, so they fielded "light" antitank units for their airborne, i.e. no antitank guns. 

The company would've consisted of six UAZ-469's, each with an AT-4 Spigot launcher mounted in the rear bed:
Obviously, you'd have to fold down the windshield ("windscreen" to my British readers) before you fired! Oddly, the only actual photo I've been able to find is this North Korean military parade:

The company would also have an unarmed UAZ-469 as a company command vehicle. As usual, O8 doesn't make an armed UAZ, so I've had to do the vehicle and the launcher separately. Here's my company:
Those were my last six UAZ's, so I'll add some to my next Picoarmor order and finish the command stand after they arrive. 

More next time!

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