Friday, January 2, 2015

A bit more East German antiaircraft

I couldn't help myself. When Picoarmor received Marcin's latest releases, I just HAD to have an SA-6 Gainful battery (which would've been held at the divisional level) for my East Germans. 
Here's the reload truck, which Marcin didn't include with his Gainfuls:
But thankfully, he did include the Straight Flush radar vehicle:
Though not the Long Track radar, and Gainful is virtually useless without it against anything other than very low altitude targets:

And much as I hate to disagree with Marcin, he includes a BRDM-2U as a command vehicle for the battery:
I'm afraid that just wouldn't have been the case. There was a dedicated command vehicle for anti-aircraft batteries, the BTR-60PU-12:
The battery certainly may have had a BRDM-2U as a staff run-around vehicle or quite likely as a reconnaissance vehicle for the battery's forward emplacement officer, but never as the battery command vehicle. 

And here is my battery:
I threw a KrAZ-255B onto the radar stand, as every battery had a few medium and heavy trucks attached for transporting miscellaneous equipment and crew. 

More from me next time!

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