Saturday, January 31, 2015

Easing my storage woes

Over the past several months, I've been finishing quite a few 1/600 aircraft, both rotary and fixed wing, and they're progressively eating up my very limited hobby storage space, as well as increasingly provoking Mrs. History PhD's ire. That being the case, I resolved to address this problem during today's semi-monthly visit to Walmart. 

While Mrs. History PhD went in search of the various and sundry household items that she was in need/want of, I struck off on my own. I was looking for some sort of storage container that was at least 6" deep internally, but not too much deeper than that. After rejecting a variety of cake/cupcake transporters as being too shallow, I came to the household "storage solutions" section. Lo and behold, what should I stumble across for $6.00?
My hand is in there to give you some idea of scale. It's one of those small storage containers that stack on top of each other or slide under your bed. 

I buy 8"x10" 30mil adhesive magnetic sheets to line my GHQ Bunker Boxes, which is how I store all of my 3mm platoon stands (all of which are on steel bases). So it was an easy matter to stick a magnetic sheet to the bottom of my new container:

And this is what I now have in the way of aircraft storage:

I'm sure I needn't say that this is not so secure and sturdy that one could throw it down the stairs and expect to retrieve it unscathed at the bottom, however it is much more than adequate for the (hopefully) mild bumping and jostling around that can be expected during moves to and from gaming venues, moving house, and just general long-term storage.

And here it is, proudly perched atop the wargaming bookcase:
A job well done!! Mrs. History PhD says it's not very attractive, but as long as it frees up much-needed space, she's an ardent supporter. I'll soon need to make it a twin, as I still have a considerable number of aircraft yet to be finished. 

More from me next time!


  1. Nice idea. The endless search for safe storage! Having expanded beyond my stack of drawers my 6mm figures are moving into old plastic video cassette boxes. 2mm are happily housed in cigar tins.

    1. As long as it makes for an easy and safe storage and movement, whatever works for you is a win!

  2. I was also in need of a storage solution for my 2mm troops when I stumbled upon slim A4 box files in the £1 shop,they're about 20mm high when closed.
    My bases are all magnetic as 2mm are so light so I use an painted white board as my table. A4 Ferro sheets stuck in the bottom of the box files stores everything safely.
    800 bases now takes less than a foot shelf space.

    1. Aren't micro scales fantastic? I could never go back to anything larger than 6mm