Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting closer to having enough artillery

All WarPac armies were very artillery heavy, which is just as well, as I seem to be churning out quite a lot of it lately. My latest installment is a battery of East German 2S3 Akatsiya ("Acacia" in English) 152mm self-propelled guns: 
I find the rather pathetic attempt at camouflage in that last photo quite funny. Can't you just hear the pilots in a couple of loitering A-10's? 

"Hey Bob, look at those odd armored vehicle shaped trees down there spewing geysers of flame." 

"Wow, Ed! I'm glad you pointed them out. I'd never have noticed them. Well, let's go find some Warpac stuff to attack."

Why even bother with such pitiful camouflage?

Anyway, the battery commander and the forward observers would have been mounted in either 1V13's or 1V14's (which were visually identical externally):

And here is my battery:

A couple of more batteries of towed artillery and that will be enough for my East Germans. More from me next time!


  1. Looks good. I like your basing pattern as well.

    1. I always throw on one or two random bushes, just to break up the outline