Sunday, January 11, 2015

East German 20th Motor Rifle Division, Part 3

After a lot of faffing about and a multitude of tangets that I've been off on since my last post on this subject, at long last I now have the final chapter. Here is my (more or less) 1:1 battalion of the East German 20th Motor Rifle Division, which was a reserve unit, along with the appropriate support platoons and an armored company of T-34/85M's (which in reality, could quite possibly have been a single platoon), in keeping with their essentially third-line status:
The armor:
Anti-tank platoon (Saggers):
The Plamya platoon:
And the towed 120mm mortars:
And finally, the battalion commander, with a UAZ-69:

I mounted the infantry in BTR-152's and ZIL-157's, but I've made up one alternate company in BTR-40's, so that I can switch them out when the mood seizes me: 

A now for a few purely gratuitous shots of the real things:

That's it for my East German reserve troops. Now, on to other matters which eagerly await my attention. More next time. 


  1. Well done on 'completing' a project, I really like Cold War Warsaw Pact and these are very cool!

  2. Nice work, they look awesome