Thursday, March 26, 2015

In praise of Mura Miniatures

Very recently, I gave in to the temptation to begin a 6mm samurai project. As I know zero about the entire thing, I've started collecting up some reference works. I also made a small trial order from Mura Miniatues (link is on the right side of this page with all the others, if you're looking at the web version), a one man operation from Sweden making 6mm Japanese buildings. 

Mura's buildings are available as unpainted and unfinished (i.e. still with mold seams, bubbling in the resin, etc) or completely finished and painted. I admit that I have no idea what colors 16th Century Japanese people painted their buildings, so I ordered the pre-painted version. 

Today, a small packet arrived from Sweden and I have to say, the shrine is an absolute little gem!!
And after adding a couple of patches of grass and a small bush, just for a bit of scenic enhancement:
Now all it needs is a blast of Dullcote to take the shine off of it. 

I'm already eagerly looking forward to making more orders. Now I just have to get some actual samurai from Baccus! But kudos and thanks to Mura Miniatures!

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