Saturday, March 14, 2015

The last Starfighter(s)

Remember that god-awful 1984 movie?
How it gets 3.5 stars out of 5 on IMDB is beyond me. The only saving grace was Dan O'Herlihy, who I always liked. It's a shame that they had to make him up like a turtle. Anyway, moving right along....

I guess the title of this post should actually be "The last West German Starfighters", as I'll still need to do a couple of Belgian ones after this. The Belgians were one of the few other European countries that were foolish enough to use a high-altitude, high-speed bomber interceptor as a ground attack aircraft. 

This weekend, I've finished off my two long-delayed Luftwaffe F-104s and I've given them the Norm 72 camouflage that's appropriate for 1981:

I've worked on a couple of other things this weekend, but neither of them are to the posting stage yet. More from me next time!


  1. Nice work, impressive detail for the minute size! I do remember the film too. I saw it at the movies as a kid. Even to a seven year old it was pretty rubbish!

    1. Yes, these Tumbling Dice miniatures are actually very good. You can imagine how the movie looked to a 22-year-old