Saturday, March 21, 2015

Let slip the dogs of war

Or in this case, the Hounds:

The Mil Mi-4 Hound was the WarPac's primary troop transport and medium lift cargo helicopter from its introduction in 1953 until the Mi-8 Hip entered service in 1967, though it actually soldiered on long afterwards, production not being halted until 1979. The Hound was also the WarPac's first gunship platform to enter service, many being armed with unguided rocket pods and a forward-firing gun in the belly. The Mi-4 was steadily phased out of frontline service through the 1970s and by the early 80s, the Soviets had completely retired it, however the other eastern bloc armies were still using it for cargo transport and medivac duties and their navies for ASW and maritime patrol.   

This weekend, I've been tinkering with East German and Polish versions:
Thankfully, they're big enough to get decals on them.

And as long as I was at it, I also finished the Polish Hoplite I've had sitting around.
As with the East German Hoplite in an earlier post, it's too small for even my smallest Polish insignia, so it will have to go without:

That winds up this weekend. Many more things are approaching the finishing stages, so more posts in the offing. 


  1. I do love the soviet choppers - these look particularly nice. Hmm, wonder if I can justify getting one in 28mm? Heresy perhaps...

  2. What a Philistine you are! 28mm indeed! :-))

  3. Very nice!

    Mi-2 was The Helicopter of my youth (in Poland)..
    In fact it was only Helicopter I saw till around 10 :>

    1. I'm working on a very interesting ambulance version with a bright green and dark purple camouflage scheme