Sunday, May 24, 2015

Addendum to "Mrs. History PhD strikes again!"

On 4/13/15, I wrote a post about Mrs. History PhD painting up a South Vietnamese National Police Field Force M8 Greyhound. 

At the time, I was positive that I had a few more photos of South Vietnamese M8's, beyond the ones I attached to that post, but I just couldn't locate where I had stashed them. Today, I just happened to blunder across the very photos!! So, here they are:
And this one I find quite interesting:
Not only has it had the front and rear fenders removed, which was not uncommon, but it seems to have run afoul of a barbed wire entanglement. It could just be that before he took off, the driver forgot that the vehicle was surrounded by barbed wire, but it makes me suspect that this was not an accident and that this vehicle was involved in the urban fighting in Saigon during Tet. The M2HB has also had its barrel either removed or broken off. 

And now these have made Mrs. History PhD want a FOW M8! 
Where will it all end? That's it for now! 

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