Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mrs. History PhD's F-bomb!!

Tonight, while puttering about with a 6mm GHQ M42 Duster mini, which is in keeping with her fascination with the Vietnam War, Mrs. History PhD dropped the F-bomb!! No, not the profane four-letter-word that you're thinking about. "Flames of War"!!!
And, as if that wasn't horrific enough, she then casually mentioned that she'd like to try painting one of their Vietnam War vehicles! OMG!! 15mm!?! Really!?! Really!?! She's gone over to the dark side!! It's too late!! She's already changing!!
Save yourselves!! I'll hold her off while you all run for it!!
There's only one way to stop her!!

But far be it from me to stifle her desire to paint miniatures. Being that it's her birthday next weekend, I'll just get a small surprise ordered tonight. Don't panic! I've already bought a couple of other gifts that are more "wife appropriate". 

I'm expressly forbidden to tell you which birthday it is that she'll be having, but it ends in a zero. 
Uh-oh! She's watching. I can't say more. Just laugh and look casual....

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