Sunday, May 10, 2015

Further thoughts on samurai

I've been thinking about:
Not really. Just kidding.

Some time ago ("I've got that old familiar feeling again!" - March 1, 2015), I wrote that I've decided to stop fighting my addiction and give in to my long-held desire to begin a samurai project. 

While that's all well and good (unless you ask Mrs. History PhD):
it begs the question: in what scale? Nothing in wargaming is more ridiculous and abhorrent to me than the "12 guys are a regiment" syndrome. Therefore, you couldn't give me 28mm anything, even if it's free. It also lets out 15mm. So, "mass effect" being my weakness, that leaves 6mm and 10mm (sadly, there are no samurai in 3mm).

For 6mm, Baccus is about it (don't even get me started on Irregular):
I can get them from a U.S. distributor, postage included, for 20¢ per figure. Direct from Baccus in the UK is actually slightly less (17¢), but takes longer to arrive.

On the other hand, Pendraken 10mm:
from a U.S. distributor is 37¢ per figure, postage included. Direct from Pendraken in the UK is only slightly more (41¢). Again, let's don't even bring up Irregular's 10mm.

I see that Kallistra in the UK has a samurai line and although they're billed as "big 10s", Kallistra seems quite open about the figures actually being 12mm. Either way, they won't mix well with any other line, so that let's them out.

So, my initial thoughts are that 10mm will have more obvious detail which will require a more intricate and time consuming paint job. Also, larger figures equals less figures on the table. However, the sculpts are the deciding factor for me. If one or the other company just doesn't measure up, in my opinion of course, then the other is the winner by default. 

Though I am leaning toward 6mm, that's sight unseen, as I've never yet seen either company's products in the flesh. So, tonight I ordered a single pack of Pendraken and I'll have a look. After they arrive, I'll buy a single pack of the same type of troops from Baccus and I'll compare. Anyone care to buy the rejected pack from me?

Ok, now we wait on the post office to accidentally do its job and we'll hope like Hell that Mrs. History PhD doesn't bother to read this post! 


  1. I wish I could offer you assistance or suggestions here, but the sad fact is I have both Baccus and Pendraken miniatures and I love them all dearly.
    You shall just have to paint up the units you have ordered and decide from that.

  2. That extra 4mm does get you a lot more detail, but also a lot more painting! Could be worth it though. At least the sashimono and banners will be bigger for painting mon designs :-)

  3. Another issue is that while samurai buildings in 6mm are scarce, and 10mm they seem to be nonexistent. :-/

    1. Not much, but Escenografia has one set.

    2. Oh! Excellent! Thank you

    3. But they're €34 for 3 buildings, including the postage. Yow!!!

    4. Ouch! Ok, they come painted, but it would be cheaper to sweet-talk your good lady into painting them for you...and they'd look better!

    5. Yes! For her next project, she has decided to paint a Vietnam building in 6mm. So stay tuned for that soon

  4. There is also Castle Arts from Italy, but again their buildings are very beautiful but very very pricey.