Monday, May 18, 2015

Interesting photos, Episode 1

I've decided to start another regular feature on my blog. Well, I say "regular", but I suppose I ought to say "recurring". Something that I'll do again, from time to time. 

Being that I do a lot of research, much of it on the Internet, for both work and hobby, I often stumble across military/hobby photos that strike me as interesting in one way or another. I save them because...well, just because. So I'm going to begin sharing them. They are not my photos and I do not claim copyright over them. I'm just sharing them because I find them interesting, funny, and/or unusual.  So, here we go....

Just because I like artillery photos that show the shell in flight, this one being from a British FH-70 155mm howitzer. 

You don't see many photos of the M113 mine roller in action in Vietnam. 

That's just plain funny!! If you're not American, and you don't understand the American football reference, please leave me a comment and I'll explain, but I think it's the same in "soccer".

This one is for all the people who paint larger scale miniatures (15mm and up) and insist on painting the viewing slits a neon blue. Does that look like day-glo blue to you? No, me either, so STOP DOING IT!!

Again, just because it's damned funny!!

In Vietnam, even artillery pieces got painted with graffiti. 

Rarely do you see an M113 mounting a recoilless rifle firing over the gun shield.  Looks to be a 57mm M18. 

A whole convoy of North Vietnamese M113s. Obviously either 1974 or 1975. Some of them must still be in operation, because here's another photo that can't be more than 15 or 20 years old and quite possibly more recent than that:
The Vietnamese Army didn't begin wearing camouflage uniforms until not all that long ago.

Most wargamers don't put graffiti on the M60 gun shields, but we ought to. 

Photos of the LVTH-6 in the field are relatively rare, so I was very happy to find this one. Only 210 were built. 

And this episode's award winner:
A U.S. Navy rating trying to set fire to a hooch on the riverbank from the foredeck of a PBR. That's just too cool not to share it!!

That's it for this installment. More after I've built up enough new photos. 

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