Saturday, October 10, 2015

A well stocked naval wargaming library, part 2

This second post (see the first part in my Oct. 5, 2015 post) finishes off the list of reference books that I find useful for naval modeling. 

First, the Ian Allan series published in Britain from the mid-1960s through the early 1970s:
As it was the first in the series, it doesn't actually say "Commonwealth Warships", but that's what it covers. The rest are pretty self-explanatory:

The Japanese volume didn't have a dust jacket when I bought it, so the outer cover is plain fabric. 
This is the only one of my set that isn't an original edition. It's a 1982 reprint that I bought in the Ft. McPherson PX in 1984.

To cover the Soviet Navy, that the Ian Allan series didn't touch on, I use the following two volumes:

And finally, this is an excellent overview of every navy in the world during 1939-45:

Most of the volumes that I've covered in both parts of this post are still easily available through rare book dealers, websites such as, and even eBay. Depending on condition, they can vary from quite reasonable to totally outrageous. However, a bit of patience and continued checking will turn up affordable copies. I hope this helps you expand your library!


  1. Wow! Those bring back memories. My father had the US and German volumes on WW1, and the US and Japanese volumes on WW2. They are pretty beaten up now and I inherited them.

    I remember checking the German WW2 volume out from the library, but had no idea there were Commonwealth, French, and Italian volumes.

    Thanks for sharing.