Sunday, October 18, 2015

The treasure hiding in my closet

Yesterday, Mrs. History PhD was doing some cleaning and reorganizing of our closets and she found a small box at the bottom of the "assorted crap" cupboard. Inside were some Plaster of Paris buildings that I bought around 1990, which were too small for the 15mm figures I used at the time. I remember being fascinated by how great the sculpts were, so I bought them on a whim, then just stuck them away and forgot about them. The last time I saw them was seven years ago, during our last home move. 

Now that I'm happily toiling away with 3mm, these little gems will take on a new life. They are by Battlefield Terrain Concepts, which morphed into a couple of different companies (Campaign Architecture, among others) and then went belly-up. I recall that they were in a very odd scale; 1/450 or 1/500, I believe. So, I've dusted them off and mounted them on steel bases and begun the process of texturing and painting them. They seem to fit with 1/600 well enough to not look horribly out of place. So, here are the finds: a boarding house or small hotel
A manor house
Another hotel or inn
A small church
A small village inn
A well-to-do farmhouse
And a mill
They are mostly German half-timbered buildings, except for the thatch-roofed mill and the stone manor house, both of which look distinctly British. The stone church could be anywhere in Northern Europe. These will all easily serve as any time period from Napoleonic to modern. 

Here's the church beside a 1/600 scale church from Picoarmor:
As you can see, there is a definite size discrepancy, but it's not horrendous, so I can easily live with it. All in all, I'm extremely pleased with Mrs. History PhD's find!!

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