Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sharing the joy!!!

Today, I got a shipment of GHQ items from Snyder & Short!!  I buy all my GHQ from Randy Short, as he gets a nice dealer discount and passes a hefty chunk of it along to his customers. In addition, Randy is the nicest and most helpful guy you could possibly meet and doing business with him is a joy.

So what did I get? It was a very Vietnam oriented order. A few things to expand my riverine force. An ATC(H), which I'll paint as a first aid boat, PBR II's, an Assault Support Patrol Boat, and another Armored Troop Carrier (can never have too many of those).

Next, some vehicles for my road convoys and the fire support base I'm working on. Some 155mm howitzers, armored cavalry M113A1's, gun trucks, and M48A3 tanks

Also, some NVA infantry (sorry, but I remember the Vietnam War quite clearly and NO ONE ever said "PAVN"!!)

And finally, some sandbag guard huts with corrugated metal roofs and a Bunker Box. I add one of those to every order I make. I need to make some effort to get some of my models stored. Completed projects are quickly taking over the apartment and the wife is growing vexed. 

So, my lead pile, which already teeters alarmingly, gets even larger. Hopefully, I'll live to be 150 years old, so I can have some hope of getting all the stuff painted!!  Why is it that we wargamers are such hoarders?  


  1. I must admit I've had to put a self-imposed ban on any new purchases. Wargamers purchasing goes against all logic. I think it's the collector in us that whispers in our ear - "buy it, buy it".
    Hope to get down the stupidly large lead pile before I even think of buying more... but I've said that before.
    Maybe making a full inventory of what I have undercoated and unpainted will help focus me to acutally get on and paint some.

    1. I said that many times before too. But now I've just given in to my compulsions and I'm happy addict. Although like you, I have to be careful with my money, so I have a small monthly budget for buying Hobby supplies