Sunday, December 29, 2013

East German infantry stands, etc.

Well, as promised, my first East German infantry platoon stand is finished:
If anyone tells you the gem about 3mm infantry being the easiest scale to paint, loudly call him a varlet and a knave and soundly thrash him from your presence. As you can see, I make no attempt at details. Mono-color uniform, boots, weapon, helmet, and a dot of flesh for a face. That's it. Yet, they are SO tiny that even my 20/0 detail brushes are too big. Paint slops everywhere and I'm forced to tidy up paint messes with a toothpick!! Mrs. HistoryPhD says swearing is the rule and not the exception when I paint, but that I was in rare form tonight. Thank God I don't need hundreds of these damned things!

I also finished off my Italian AB40 armored cars for North Africa. Two platoons worth:
I think they came out quite well, given that they are the only 3mm Italian armored cars made and not the type I actually need. I'll have to make at least one command stand too.

That finishes off this weekend. More on New Year's Day!!

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