Sunday, December 8, 2013

Odds and ends

As George Carlin once said: "If there are 24 odds and ends on a table and 23 fall off, what's left, an odd or an end?"

Anyway, on a bitterly cold weekend, I've not gotten any big project accomplished, though I have worked on my scratch-built 1/285 CNN truck:
A company called Ngineering makes satellite dishes in HO and N scales. The HO is perfect for a large dish in 6mm. As you can see, I also took the opportunity to build a Soviet Fire Can radar for my East German 57mm AA guns. The trailer began life as a Heroics & Ros WWII German command trailer. Not one of their best models, I must say. Here's the real thing:
In the same order, I also bought a couple of Soviet "Track Dish" radars, originally Skytrex but now H&R:

I've also tried to get some Italian WWII Bersaglieri based for the Western Desert 1940:
That's one squad. Italian army squads were twice the size of those in other armies, approx. 24 men, including command, plus a light machine gun and crew. 

Also finished a 3mm East German motor rifle company in BTR-60PB's and a BTR-60PU command vehicle:
I always put a couple of infantry on a command or FAO/FAC stand to help identify them. 

That's it for this weekend!

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